Meter Inspection System

We are renowned Meter Inspection System Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers. The Vision System is used in Production line for the 100% quality assurance. It inspects for visible defect in the product at high speed. Vision Inspection is completely replacing Manual inspection using higher accuracy and higher speed compare to Manual Inspection.

This system is mainly used for quality assurance in Automobile Industry, Electronics Industry, Plastic Industry, Automotive Industry etc. The different applications of system includes :
  • To measure the linear dimension with high speed and Accuracy
  • For the check the performance of different flow meter with very high Accuracy.
  • To measure Angular Dimension with speed and Accuracy
  • All types of measurement like Linear, Angular and Circular.
  • Pattern Matching of the tiny electronics/auto parts with respect to dimension.
  • Sorting of tiny parts with respect to Dimension.

Technical Specifications
  • It is totally customized solution according to different application and products. This system is mainly used for measurement of dimension of any object.
  • This system includes following hardware :
    • High Resolution Ethernet Camera
    • Mega-Pixel Vision Optics
    • High Intensity Illumination
    • Industrial PC with high Configuration
    • Sensors
    • Air/Piston based Rejection System
  • The system is having Software for making decision according pre Defined Criteria.
  • We have VISION MEASURE PLUS software. The software is designed especially for measurement application.
  • Camera, Optics and Illumination are used mainly for grabbing image of moving object on conveyor belt at high speed. Then camera transfers image to the Industrial PC(I-PC).
  • Sensor is used to synchronize vision system with machine.
  • There is software in the I-PC, processes and inspects particular image of the product/object and check that inspection criteria are fulfilled or not.
  • If product is failed to fulfill pre-defined inspection criteria, Software generates Rejection signal and transfers that signal to Rejection system so that product is rejected and stores values or images in report file which can be rejected.
  • Rejection System may be Air based or Piston based, depending upon weight and dimension of product. On receiving rejection signal, rejection system rejects/sorts particular defective product from production line.

Industries Where This Product Is Used
  • Electronics Parts Manufacturer
  • Auto Parts Manufacturer
  • Flow Meter(Volt meter, A-meter, Speedo meter, Air Flow Meter, Liquid Flow-Meter etc.) Manufacturer
  • Machine Manufacturer for Automobile, Electronics, Automotive industry

  • Machine Vision System is PC based Industrial Automation that is used for 100% Quality Assurance at very high speed.
  • Machine Vision System is throughout consistent during the work.
  • No energy decay.
  • 24 Hours availability without failure
  • Closed loop control with maximum accuracy.
  • Plenty of data saving and fetching
  • High frequency Measurement
  • Very law maintenance cost and handling charge.

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